Discover Central Otago

Central Otago is New Zealand's most inland region. It is also its hottest, coldest and driest. A fragmented schist plateau in a semidesert environment, Central Otago is a living museum, scattered with historic features preserved by a dry climate.  Central Otago covers an area of 10,000km and has fewer than 17,000 permanent residents. With so much to discover, Central Otago is fast becoming one of New Zealand's leading tourism destinations.

Experience true solitude and get close to nature in an inspiring and timeless land.  First time visitors are silenced and energised by this tumble of mountain, river, rock and tussock.  See the grandeur of breathtaking vistas and be moved by their surging natural power.  Central’s clear light brings mountains within an arm’s reach and displays a star-studded night sky.  It is a place of extraordinary contrasts, our middle earth.

Central Otago is a place which truly offers a World of Difference.